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  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: There’s no known treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it can be managed by changes in diet and lifestyle. January 4, 2012 [Read]
  • The White Plague: Let’s join hands in the campaign to fight tuberculosis, which plagues 23 million people in the world today. March 12, 2008 [Read]
  • Chronic Kidney Failure: Chronic renal failure is debilitating and irreversible. Hence, it is important to understand the causes, symptoms and measures to manage it. January 3, 2008. [Read]
  • Chikungunya: Fever that Bends the Joints: No relation of chicken or bird flu, chikungunya can dramatically affect your bones and undermine your health. November 11, 2007. [Read]
  • When Typhoid Strikes: Typhoid fever is a food-borne infection. Its early detection can prevent complications. October 10, 2007. [Read]
  • HAY FEVER: A nosey affair: Itchy, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, or cough? It could be due to pollution-induced allergy. September 11, 2007. [Read]
  • ABC of Hepatitis: Hepatitis is a swelling of the liver. It can lead to liver malfunction and scarring, or cirrhosis, and also cancer. August 11, 2007. [Read]
  • Parkinson’s Disease: When tremors rule: While it is difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, early diagnosis may help slow down its progression. July 4, 2007. [Read]
  • Water-borne diseases: Water is indispensable to life. But, unclean water can carry diseases detrimental to life. June 4, 2007. [Read]
  • Health is Everyone’s Concern: Health is something we can neglect at our own peril. April 7, 2007. [Read]
  • All about Migraine: It is more than a headache. It is called migraine. April 4, 2007. [Read]
  • Hygiene is key to good health: The concept of hygiene is as old as civilisation. It still remains relevant – for more reasons than one. February 26, 2007. [Read]
  • Gut Matters: Age-related problems of the gut are common in the elderly. There is no need to worry, if caregivers are watchful of early symptoms. January 30, 2007. [Read]
  • Incontinence in elderly: Leaking of urine or faeces needs to be tackled with an open mind. December 18, 2006. [Read]
  • Malaria Menace. November 11, 2006. [Read]

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