Malaria: Modern Day Management

This is my book on malaria and its management, published by Macmillan Medical Communications. In 370 pages, this book provides a concise review of pathogenesis of malaria; exhaustive description of clinical manifestations, typical and atypical; comprehensive analysis of diagnostic tests and their utility, authentic details of treatment, based on the recommendations of WHO, NVBDCP-India and CDC, US; detailed description of complications and their management as well as details of control measures, prevention strategies, and future prospects.

  • The Problem of Malaria
  • Transmission, Life Cycle and Pathogenesis
  • Clinical Manifestations of Malaria
  • Diagnosis of Malaria
  • Treatment of Malaria
  • Severe Malaria
  • Control of Malaria
  • Prevention of Malaria
  • Future Prospects
  • Appendices 1. Diagnostic methods, 2. antimalarial drugs, 3. Districts/PHCs with chloroquine-resistant P. falciparum malaria and 4. Clinical examination of severe malaria