Malaria Site

This is my comprehensive web site on malaria.

Malaria, the ‘King of Diseases’, continues to haunt and taunt mankind. More than a century after identification of the causative parasites, and more than half a century after finding effective drugs and insecticides, the disease as old as humanity itself, affects more than 500 million and kills nearly 2 million people every year. The dreaded disease is difficult to eradicate and its control is possible ONLY with coordinated efforts of the general public, healthcare personnel and government agencies. And with global warming threatening to increase mosquito density and the spread of other mosquito borne infections like Dengue and Chikungunya, time has come for all of us to wake up.

This web site provides comprehensive information on the history, aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, complications and control measures of malaria. It also showcases the malaria control efforts at Mangalore, South India. [Visit]

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